Why I stopped Speaker Training for 3 years

First I want to start with a thank you. A huge thank you for your support…This time 3 years ago I was running my final Presentation Profits Intensive for the foreseeable future. It’s our flagship, transformational event on the business of speaking. At that time, Greg and I had been trying to have a baby […]

3 Ways You Can Use Speaking To Fill Your Coaching Practice

Dont just stand there_textless

Public speaking is a quick, easy and effective way to attract more clients and to build your coaching practice. If you have something unique, special and helpful for an audience then create a presentation and look for opportunities to share that information. It might be networking events, it might be industry specific events, it might […]

4 Fairytale Myths Around Speaking From Stage

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Once upon a time there was a talented and hard-working (and very beautiful!) coach who was passionate about helping normal, everyday people realise their dreams.She worked with her clients from dawn to dusk to help them be bolder in their lives and often to a lot of success. Then one day she woke up and […]

Best Practice Seminar Room Set Up


Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt that something didn’t feel right? You can’t put your finger on exactly what the problem is… but the energy just feels… well, wrong?!When you’re planning for your events, you’ll be focusing mainly on the physical aspects of the room set up… but how much time […]

3 Reasons Why Your Product Launch Might Fail!

3 reasons product launch fail

You’ve been working hard on a new product, and you’re planning a big launch sometime soon. After working so hard pulling everything together, you wish you had a crystal ball that will tell you whether your product launch will be successful and bring you a big payday.Unfortunately, as you’re reading this blog online, I can’t […]

What to do when you can’t sell from stage…

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I recently received a great question from someone in my community. As it’s relevant to everyone who presents, I thought I’d share the question and my response with you here…“I did your course 3 years ago and initially had some success with following your 4 permissions and making an offer from stage.Recently I was told […]