Public Speaking: The Importance of Introduction Part 2

Picture this.  The phone rings and it’s a hotshot speaker on the other end.  Not just that, but she’s someone you’ve admired for ages.  And then . . . she asks YOU to be her MC!

Your heart palpitates and your mouth goes dry.  Could this be true?  You get to share the stage with someone as amazing as her?

Of course you say yes and then do a crazy silly dance around the room to celebrate.

Because being an MC is a great way to get noticed, build up your exposure and get asked back to other stages . . . . next time to speak!

So once the celebrations are over, you’ll be wanting to follow these golden MC rules:

Keep it Brief

Keep your introduction to around one or two minutes long, but not much more than that. The focus is on giving a succinct, punchy intro of the speaker.

Be Enthusiastic!

I always think of myself as the host of the party. Remember to smile and come across as a warm person when introducing speakers.

Know Something About The Speaker’s Subject

Even if it’s something that’s new for you, you still need to understand it enough to be able to convey the information correctly.

Don’t Read Word For Word!

It’s going to sound really boring, really flat, unenthusiastic… and it can also give the impression that you don’t know what you’re talking about – that’s the last thing you want.

The Speaker’s Presentation

Make sure you get really clear on exactly what that is because people need to know what they can expect from the presentation.

Build Credibility Of The Speaker

If the speaker has appeared on television, in the press, or written a book, make sure you include that as part of your introduction. It will capture the attention of the audience. As a MC it’s your job is to boast about the things that the speaker might not boast about themselves.

Don’t Use Slides or Overheads

You need to remember that you’re not the speaker,

you are the facilitator. You’re not the leading act, so don’t try and upstage the speaker or don’t try to steal their thunder. It’s a fantastic idea to include a personal relevance about them that will have the audience receptive to the speaker before they have even got on stage.

Being Professional Is Key

An MC at speaking events is not an invitation to try any stand-up comedy routines! If you’re tying in little personal stories, make sure it’s relevant to the subject and to the audience and it needs to be inspirational, and to build the credibility of the speaker.  Remember the big picture and make sure whatever you do or say serves the overall event.

Now It’s Your Turn, MC!

Now you have all the guidelines for being the most fantastic MC ever, why not go out there this week and try to book yourself as an MC.  You never know what doors it might open…


Public Speaking: The Importance of Introduction Part 1

Emcee or MC . . .  However you choose to spell it isn't the important part.

The important part is getting the right MC to introduce you in a way which supports you correctly.

In fact, the role of the MC is actually a lot more important than most people would assume. . .

You see, knowing how to introduce a speaker is a learned skill and although it seems very simple and straightforward, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

So if you are an MC in the making or if you are looking for an MC for your next presentation . . . read on!

The Purpose of Introductions
There are three main reasons to introduce a speaker correctly. The first is to grab hold of the audience’s attention, the second is to entice the audience to pay attention, and the third is to build up the credibility of the speaker. A successful MC will have the audience wanting to buy from this person even before they've stepped onstage.

Profiling The Audience
People who attend seminars come from diverse backgrounds, and have different purposes and reasons for being there.  It’s the job of the MC or the person doing the introduction to pull the audience together to be present and focused.

Engaging The Audience
It’s important also to establish the credibility of the speaker. The MC needs to build the speaker up and make them look fabulous. It's their role to make the audience to be feeling really, really great and very blessed to have this particular person in front of them. The aim is to get an audience wanting to work closely with the speaker even before they go on stage

An MC also needs to build rapport with the audience to capture their attention.  They need to let them know what’s coming and why they really should listen to this person.

The Plot
Once the introductions are prepared, you don’t want the MC to just be reading out notes on stage necessarily. As an MC, you need to have the basics written down and an awareness of what key words the speaker wants you to use in their introduction. It’s that information the MC will be using to connect with the audience.

Tell The Audience Who You Are
I see this mistake a lot - the MC will get up and forget to introduce themselves.  If you are the MC, it’s important to tell people who you are and why you’re up on the stage. The only exception to not telling the audience who you are is if it’s all ready been done.

Our Next Speaker Is...
If you're the MC, make sure before you go on stage that you know the speaker’s name by heart and you know how to pronounce it!  There’s nothing worse than pronouncing a speaker’s name incorrectly.

Go On . . . It's Your Turn Now!
This week, why not pretend you are MC-ing for another speaker and see you can start to practice the above points. Or if you happen to be at a multi-speaker event check out the MC and see how good a job he/she is doing!

To be continued next week . . .

Public Speaking: The Top 5 Benefits Of Speaking In Public

Erm.  Hang on?  Speak  . . . speak  in public you say?

Let me just swallow my fear and choke on my cornflakes.  You want me to stand up in front of a group of strangers and talk to them?  Like give them a presentation?!

Are you cuh-razy?

I can't speak in public!

No, I am not crazy.  In fact . . . I am about to offer you the fastest ticket to success you could ever imagine.  You know Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the Golden Tickets . . . well speaking is YOUR golden ticket to success.

Look, I know for most people there might be a few fears to get over (although for the rare few there are none)  . .. but let's imagine you're the norm and not the exception and you do have a bit of stuff around speaking in public. That's ok. Maybe you have a lot of stuff around speaking in public!  Because public speaking is (apparently) the number one fear that most people have.

Which is such a shame!   There are so many benefits to becoming a speaker – for your business, your bank balance, for your lifestyle AND for your own personal confidence - I can't even cover them all in one mere blog post so I've highlighted the top 5 for you!

Read on . . .

The Top Five Benefits Of Public Speaking

1. Increased Self Confidence

Once you have mastered speaking in front on an audience, whether it be in front of a crowd of ten or a crowd of thousands, your confidence levels will go through the roof.  Through the roof ok? Do this, and you can do anything.  Honest.

2. Reach More People

Do you have a vision which is close to your heart, a vision which could shape the world, a vision which could heal?  Yes?  Well stop holding onto it and start sharing it.

Does it make more sense to talk to one person at a time, or a roomful of people?  Which method will spread your vision faster?  Remember, a vision flies when you stand on stage.  You give it wings.

Allow yourself to fly.

3. Make More Sales

Regardless of what you are selling -  your ebook, your 3-day seminar, your coaching or your membership site, you will multiply your sales and in far LESS time when you speak to a hundred people as opposed to  selling one on one.

This is a MASSIVE benefit of public speaking – the opportunity to make more sales in one sitting. It's call leverage.  And it can make you a lot of money.  Fast.

4. Build Credibility

When you are on stage you become an authority in your field.  People look up to you.  Their opinion on you changes simply because you are standing on stage.  Strange but true!

This credibility will open up more opportunities and earn you more recognition which in turn builds credibility and gets you more opportunities.  It’s a winning cycle.

So time to get on it!

5. Make Big Money

I saved the best benefit for public speaking for last.

Public speaking is one of the easiest and best ways to make money.  Big money.   I’m not suggesting this will happen the first time round (although it can and it does all the time) but if you have researched your market, determined your niche, sent out a compelling message to this market, built a big-pack product and added tonnes of value to it, then why not?

Go On . . . Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway!

So, now you’ve seen the benefits of public speaking, why not go out there and stretch your comfort zone this week?

If you’ve never spoken at an event (but always secretly wanted to), is now the time to book your first one? It doesn't have to be huge!  A few people is as good as start as any.  Or if you’ve only ever spoken to smaller audiences, could now be the time to step up to the next level?  Or if you’ve spoken to large audiences, what could you do differently that will stretch you this week?

There’s always another step out there.  This week could just be the week to take it.  I dare you.

Breaking Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

It’s all in the mind this week.

Have you heard all heard the saying that success breeds success?

But where does success actually start?

I believe it starts with a willingness to step outside the comfort zone.

You see it doesn’t matter what level of game you are playing right now- there is always another level you can go to.  And what usually holds you where you are is this thing called a “Comfort Zone”.

Have a read of this by Bob Riggs.

“The Comfort Zone”
“Many of us have established a comfort zone in our lives. We’re just coasting along taking the path of least resistance, and just getting by. 

This is a very common and understandable attitude. We’ve all worked hard to get where we are and it may seem a good place to be.

The problem with this is that once we stop reaching, stretching, seeking and risking, we actually stop growing.  The comfort zone frame of mind is settling for what we are TODAY.

That may be fine today, but without continued growth, WE ARE NOW ALL WE ARE EVER GOING TO BE.

If you’re in a comfort zone, beware – the danger of a comfort zone is that it doesn’t hurt, and it may even feel good.”

Do Something Outside Your Comfort Zone

By taking yourself out of your comfort zone you begin to expand.

In that expansion comes self confidence . . .in self-confidence comes a more confident mindset  . . .in that confident mindset comes success. . . . and in success there comes more success . . . and more confidence . . .and more success and so on!

You are currently inside your own comfort zone.  So am I.  But the good thing about a comfort zone is that every time you DO SOMETHING outside of your comfort zone, your comfort zone expands.

Picture a circle getting increasingly larger – each time you step out of your comfort zone, your circle expands. Now this something could be anything – say kayaking on the sea, a bungee jump, going on a singles holiday, walking into a bar by yourself . . . but here let’s apply it to speaking:

  • So for you, speaking might currently be outside your comfort zone.
  • Perhaps speaking is inside your comfort zone but selling from the stage is outside your comfort zone.
  • Perhaps selling from stage is inside your comfort zone but hitting 30% conversions is outside your comfort zone.

Take a Mini Risk

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your speaking business, there’s always another level to go to.  It’s just a matter of stretching your comfort zone.  And you can do this by taking a series of little risks. Not huge risks, just little steps outside your comfort zone.  As your comfort zone expands, so too does your definition of yourself.

The mini risks do not have to be related to speaking by the way.  I have a friend who recently went camping for the very first time.  This was a really big deal for her.

2 years ago camping was the last thing she would ever do as being clean and comfortable was far more appealing  . . but recently she ‘got’ that to increase her financial success she needed to do more things outside of her comfort zone.  That way her comfort zone around money would also expand . . .

. . .  So off camping she went. Also during her holiday she was doing white water rafting, rock climbing and other ‘scary’ activities.  It’s why I like the high ropes course so much  . . . we push ourselves to take risks on the ropes and see what happens when we don’t fall.

Same with life.

Your Next Adventure?

So if you’re feeling comfortable right now – this week it’s time to expand yourself, and commit to something new.  What mini-risk can you take this week to step outside of your comfort zone and start cultivating that successful mindset?



4 Tips for Public Speaking: Why Feedback Is So Important To Your Sales

One of the best public speaking tips I can give you is this  . . .

. . .  always seek feedback!

Remember, when you’re speaking in public, either on stage or during a presentation, the aim is to not just to educate but also to leverage your time and bring in extra sales for your business. Selling 1:100 is much more powerful than selling 1:1 . . .which is why getting feedback on your performance can make all the difference to your bottom line profits.

Therefore, feedback is one of the most vital tools that you have at your disposal. You to have to test and measure everything you do. So, as a business owner, you need to measure every promotion you do. As a speaker, you need to measure every offer that you make. The proof is in the measure of your results.

Feedback on your performance can be measured in the following 4 ways:

1. Money:

The most important measure is from a financial perspective. If you seek out feedback on your presentation you can increase your sales conversion rate from a public speaking engagement.

For example, by seeking the appropriate feedback, instead of closing, say, 30% you may increase your conversion to 35% or 40%. Increasing your conversions means bringing in more money. Thus, your business is more profitable and everybody’s happy.

2. Increasing your memorability:

To be memorable is to increase the impact you make on people’s hearts and minds. Seek feedback on your public speaking skills from your audience about how much they enjoyed your presentation, whether it was easy to digest, and what they remember most.

If they remember you and they love your information then they’ll go out and tell their friends about you. This may lead to a purchase down the road. So it is really important that you’ll always be looking to increase your public speaking skills from an entertainment and education perspective as well.

3. Rapport :

Here’s another great sales tip – increase your level of trust and responsiveness you have with your audience. The level to which your audience wants to be involved is a measure of how they are responding to your presentation. The more rapport you have with people, the more profitable your business will be and the more sales you’ll make.

4. Be Real:

This one is the sales tip overlooked and most important. I believe feedback is widely important because it keeps your feet on the ground. Be open and aware. It keeps bathing you in humility. It’s very easy to lap up the accolades. But you are human. So you do need to keep your feet on the ground and your heart in the right place. I think feedback is a very vital part in keeping one humble.

So remember, feedback is in the form of:

Your conversion rate = $$

• How you affect the hearts and minds of your audience

• Your rapport with your audience

• Be Real

Now It’s Your Turn!

So this week, why not seek feedback on your presentation. If you don’t have any presentations scheduled, maybe deliver it in front of a colleague or friend, or record it so you can listen to yourself back. Feedback is the most powerful public speaking and sales tip I can give you. Be open enough to receive it.

How To Use Public Speaking To Create Sales

Did you know the one secret ingredient that can make or break an effective and profitable presentation?

Luckily it’s an ingredient all of us have but sadly not of all us use effectively.

What is that ingredient?!

It’s your voice!

Take a moment now to recognize the power that your voice has to impact another human being. Now take another moment to see how your voice can also help create emotional change in another human.

And what happens when we create change in another?

It can lead to transformation and as such, this can generate more sales if your product or service assists in that journey.

The 3 keys to using your voice dramatically

Creating emotion with the intention of making sales from speaking has a few key elements that cannot be missed.

These are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Intention
  3. Vocal strength and flexibility
    1. Awareness

      It has been said that the words that we choose are only 7% of the message that we communicate. 38% of our message is due to our tonality, and 55% of it is due to our physiology, our physical action.
      So over a third of your outcome depends on your voice.

      Create awareness of your own voice and use it dramatically.

      Listen to how you use your voice, listen to the vocal range that you have.

      Start to listen to other people’s voices, how they use them, and then start to bring awareness to the extremes that you use in your own voice. Do you have extremes or is it all flat lining?

      You will make more sales from stage AND make it easier to listen to you if you can work on your voice variation.

    2. Set the intention

      These are the intentions you will want to set if you want to make more sales from stage:

      • That you will start to expand your vocal range
      • You will create moods with your voice
      • You will carry your confidence in your voice
      • And that your voice will take people on an emotional journey.


  1. Vocal Strength and Flexibility

    If you start to learn how to use your voice in a powerful manner, then you’ll find that it will be more powerful for longer, and you will be able to preserve and conserve your voice. You want to use your voice in such a way that it touches the hearts and minds of the people in your audience and thus create more sales from speaking.

Don’t Be Just Comfortable . . . Be Memorable!

If you’re committed to becoming, not just a profitable speaker, but also a memorable speaker, then the next step is to get masterful with your voice.

Be the sort of person that when people leave the room they continue to talk about you, not just because of your content, but because of your style, your charisma and your ability to take them on an emotional journey.

And be the sort of speaker that makes massive money from stage!

So, What’s Next?

Well, my suggestion is for you go to have a little bit of fun this week . . . and go see a high drama movie. Here’s an opportunity for you to listen to the way these highly trained actors use their voice to create mood. Notice the high, the loud, the soft, notice the pace changes, notice the volume changes.

So I want you to spend the whole time listening to people with a new intention and then see how you can utilize this in your next speaking gig to make more sales.

And remember, have fun!

The Truth About Those New Year Goals . . .

It’s the start of a new year and time to dust off our new year’s resolutions for yet another year…

Or is it?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve read countless articles and emails in the past week all advising me how to create the perfect new year goals and yet none of them seem to resonate with me.

Why is this?

Well, in part because we each respond differently to advice and so what might work for someone else might not necessarily work for another. But, I sense it’s deeper than that – at least for me – and maybe for you too.

All of the messages I read about setting new year’s resolutions miss one key part. . .what if we don’t know what we want?

That’s why in today’s blog post I want to talk about HOW to reconnect with what you really want and therefore how to set some new year goals with a difference.

The best way to get back in get back in touch with your heartfelt dreams and so create your ideal lifestyle, is to re-connect to yourself again.

Here’s a challenge for you to get you reconnected (and remember just because we’re almost 2 weeks into the new year doesn’t mean it’s too late!) I want you to spend the next 7 days connecting with your Self with the purpose of finding out what you really want. If you know what you really want, try this anyway, because you might get even more clarity or fresh insight into your goals.

The process of reconnection is easy. You can do this with morning pages (stream of consciousness writing), meditation, daily walks in nature, swimming in the ocean, yoga, basically anything which is YOU connecting to YOUR soul.

The idea is that you are giving your higher Self (divine essence, soul, inner you – however you call it) the opportunity to speak and be heard about what it wants in life.

What usually happens for me is that my ego wants one thing (related to safety and something logical) but the deeper part me wants something else and when I’ve followed that something else – that’s been my path to happiness however absurd or crazy it sounded like! Quite often your deepest dream is connected in some way to your life purpose so don’t even try to make sense of it and rationalise it.

So when you have heard what your soul wants to say (and often the answers surprise us!) don’t discard it straight away. It might be something completely left-field but allow yourself to sit with it a while.

Perhaps starting a family came out top and you hadn’t even considered this. Or maybe it was breaking through a financial barrier – perhaps the 100k mark – even though you have no idea how. Or maybe it was professional, for example, putting on your own speaking event – but you have never spoken before!

Just because you have never done them before or you have no idea HOW to make them happen, don’t panic. This is what YOU most deeply want and the most important part is already done – being honest about it.

The next step is making it come to fruition and again, there are as many strategies as there are stars in the skies so I’ll keep my advice simple and clear:

  • Trust
  • When your soul has spoken, there are a million and one things you can do to move toward your goal – plan, invest in a program, get healing/coaching/mentoring to take away limiting beliefs, take clear and specific action etc
  • But the biggest tip of all is to trust the voice of your soul. For example, if your dream is to meet your ideal man or woman this year, then take the necessary action but also trust in the outcome. Remember, ‘to realise one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation.’

May your dreams come true this year.

Christmas is a time for giving and what better gift than the gift of life.

With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to take a moment from the normal hustle and bustle of Christmas gift shopping or decorating the tree, to remind us all that there’s always time to give just one more gift to one more person.  Maybe that gift could be the gift of life.  Have you registered as an Organ donor yet?  Here’s why you should:

T’s story:

save-5Until two years ago T had led a busy, normal life. She had been running her own business for ten years and become very successful in her field. In January 2010, the life she knew was changed in an instant.

T was diagnosed with two serious lung diseases… “Organising Fibrosing Pneumonia” and “Idiopathic Pleuroparenchymal Fibroelastosis”. As a result of these conditions, her lungs will deteriorate… making breathing more and more difficult… and a lung transplant will become her only chance of survival.

On diagnosis, T chose to take positive action and rather than letting these conditions define her, she has committed to making a difference to the lives of many in the precious time she has left on this earth.

She now devotes her time to speaking to groups about her campaign… “Save5”… with which she hopes to encourage 10,000 new people to join the Organ Donor Register. So far through T’s efforts, 4,202 people have signed up.

How can you help?

Although Greg and I have registered, I understand that committing to registering as an organ donor is a very personal choice. But if you choose to register, you could make a huge difference to five families should your life tragically end.

I’d like to personally invite you to visit T’s website, read her story and take a few minutes today to consider whether you feel able to register as an organ donor.

If you already registered some time ago, your registration may no longer be valid so please do hop over here and check if you’re still classified as a registered donor.

As a registered donor you could save five lives on your death… hence the name of T’s campaign “Save5”.

If after reading T’s story, you make the decision to register as an organ donor… thank you. Please don’t forget to send T a message if you have registered as a result of reading this blog so she can add your name to her tally of new registrants… it is important that she can see the difference she is making so please do drop her a line if you have taken this step.

Death is taboo and very few people openly discuss what happens when you die… which in turn breeds fear around registering as an organ donor. It’s important to understand that registering does not automatically guarantee you will be able to donate your organs.

Statistically, you are far more likely to need a transplant yourself than ever becoming an actual donor.

You see, it is important that more people register so that those whose lives depend on a transplant have a chance of receiving one. We never know if the life of a loved one may suddenly depend on a transplant… if it can happen to T, it can happen to anyone.

If you feel you’d like to register but have concerns, please do get in touch with T so she can answer any questions to allay your fears. If you are not based in the UK, your registration is still vitally needed so if you’d like to participate, please check how your country accepts registrations.

T-picI urge you to take some time to read T’s story today… she is a real inspiration and has so much positive energy and warmth that I was deeply touched by her story and amazing spirit. She has accepted that she may never receive the transplant she needs but her life purpose is to help save the lives of as many others as possible.

To quote directly from T;

“I now know why I have these diseases… if I hadn’t have been diagnosed, Save5 would not exist and I would not have this chance to transform so many lives!”

Wow. What a beautiful perspective.

If T’s story has touched you too, please share this post widely with your community… let’s see what we can do to help Save5 reach their milestone of 10,000 new registrations in T’s lifetime.

Since publishing this post we have received word that T sadly passed away this week. Unfortunately no suitable donor organs were available in time to save her. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends at this very sad time.
Please do take the time to pause and spare a thought for T and the many other people currently waiting for an organ donation. You can help by registering as an organ donor here in the UK, or here in Australia.

4 Common Myths Around Speaking From Stage

Hi there.  I’ve been speaking from stage for around 11 years now and within that time I’ve seen some very strange myths about speakers.

Today, I’m going to dive into them and dismantle them one by one!

Here are four common, and untrue myths.

Myth #1: You have to be educated to become a public speaker.

Although education is a great asset, it is not a requirement to start a speaking career. Although a high educational qualification may appeal to some buyers it all depends on your niche. If your market is highly academic and scholarly, then a good educational background can pull interest from buyers.

On the other hand, most of the market does not demand a highly educated speaker. A lot of speakers do not have college degrees but still earn hefty amounts of money from bookings and selling from stage. In some niches, blue collar speakers with little or no education may possess more mass appeal because the audiences can relate to them. It all depends on the topics and the chosen niche.

Sometimes, to motivate people, a speaker must show that they are human and a lack of higher educati

common myths around speaking from stage

on may do just that. A speaker can show the audience that even though they are not college educated they have achieved professional and financial success. It is an inspiring premise.

Myth #2: You have to possess the gift of speaking in order to stand up in front of people to speak.

Public speaking is a skill and just like any skill, it can be developed and practiced. There are formulas that anyone can use to create great speeches. All you need is a message and the willingness to deliver that message to your audience. After a few tweaks, revisions, and rehearsals; you can present a knockout speech even without the possessing the “gift of speech”.

Technique and practice are the key factors in improving public speaking skills. If someone dedicates himself or herself enough, anybody can be great.

I highly recommend you grab a copy of my book if you haven’t yet to help you on this one!


Myth #3: You have to be different or change who you are to speak.

Many people will often say that a career in public speaking will make you fake, somewhat pretentious and change your personality.

If this is the case, public speaking seems like very hard work but in reality, you do not have to change in order to become a speaker. Great speakers are individuals who stay true to their characters, including their weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. It makes them human.

Your authenticity is your best asset!


Myth #4: You have to work hard to be a public speaker.

This can be rather subjective. Yes, it can be hard work if your heart is not into it. Any endeavor without passion is not an easy task. However, if you are really committed to the career and loving it, it won’t matter, will it?

Moreover, once you get the hang of it public speaking will come naturally to you.

 I love speaking- and when you love it- it’s easy. 

As Katharine Graham, the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 company said ‘To do what you love and feel that it matters.  How could anything be more fun?’

15 Ways to Increased Motivation!

We all have days where we struggle to stay motivated, especially if you’re working on a large or long-term project. It’s even more depressing, when you really want the goal you’re aiming for… and yet you’re struggling to find the energy to actually do any work towards it!

Motivation is like any muscle; it needs regular exercise to maintain it, otherwise it gets saggy and tired. Use these 15 tips to help maintain your motivation levels… and increase your productivity too!

#1: Write down your goals

There is something special about seeing your goals written down. It helps to change the idea into an action; the thought into a desire and it helps make it factual and achievable… and you more motivated towards achieving it.

#2: Focus on your big why

Knowing why you actually want to do something enhances your desire… and motivation

#3: Visualise your end result

Don’t worry about how you are going to achieve it – focus on the end result you want to achieve.

#4: Publicly commit

When you share your desire with the world at large, you‘re not only committing to your dream… you’re strengthening the desire to reach that end result.

#5: The power of music

Music can stir up emotions and get your body moving… and fill you with a renewed burst of energy. So turn up the volume, get off the sofa, then dance and sing your way through your favourite songs.

#6: Create a mantra

Create a verbal statement that reinforces your desire and helps get you through difficult times. Statements such as “I can do this”, “I have this covered” and “I will achieve” are all great examples.

#7: Create a ritual or routine

It could be using the same pen, sitting in a certain chair or wearing a certain outfit – create a routine or ritual that signifies you are ready… it’s time for your motivation, energy and creativity to appear.

#8: Challenge yourself

Learn new things, stretch that comfort zone to challenge yourself to go further.

#9: Revisit your achievements

Remind yourself of those things you’ve previously achieved and succeeded at… it’s a great way to renew your motivation and energy.

#10: Clean up

A cluttered, untidy working environment can really cause your motivation to sag – get cleaning; decluttering can be a really cathartic experience for your motivation.

#11: Reward yourself

Whether you’ve reached a small milestone or achieved a great leap forward – reward each and every achievement.

#12: Write an easy “To-Do” list

Sometimes, the simple act of crossing off things from a “to-do” list can really give your motivation a boost – as it serves as a visual reminder of what you have already achieved – along with how that feels emotionally.

#13: Pay it forward

Whether you retweet or share a post, or buy someone a drink – the quickest way to boost your motivation is to feel useful, helpful and grateful – and this can be easily achieved by helping someone else!

#14: Go Outside

Fresh air is great for blowing away the mental cobwebs – go for a walk, run or just sit in the garden and spend time appreciating nature.

#15: Sleep on it

If all else fails, draw a line under today and get an early night. Make the decision to have a fresh start in the morning.

Are there certain points in the day where you feel at your most motivated? What methods have you found most effective for giving your motivation an adrenaline shot? Why not share your thoughts and experiences in the comments box below.